At For Your Eyes Only, we have a passion for Brows & Lashes. Our services include Eyelash Extensions , HD Brows, Embrowdery & Phi Brows. All of our services are carried out in a relaxing and comfortable environment.

At For Your Eyes Only, we use only the best top quality products to ensure safety of the eye area, longevity of eyelash extensions and also to ensure no damage to the natural lashes. 

We carry out consultations with every client for both eyelash extensions and Hd Brows on the day of treatment to advise the client and ensure that the customer is getting a look suited to their face shape, personality and desires. Aftercare is explained thoroughly to each client to ensure they get the most out of their lashes or brows. 

Detailed information on all our treatments can be seen in the drop down menu.

All HD Brow products and lash up tonics can be purchased at our online store- Happy shopping!

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